Samer Zawaydeh

Robert Airo

Dr. Dusan Petras

Carl Salas

Hossam Kassab

Antonio Miranda

Kelley Whalen

Ali Hoss

James Waltz

Elton “Dale” Cranford

Alexander Ovdiienko

Asit Patel

Andrés Ortuño

Terence Rollins

John Puskar

György Sitku

Thomas Lanzilotta

Marc Masó Varés

Alberto Ramos Millan

Stephen Sain

Russell Koehler

Kaushik Bhattacharjee

Darren Cooper

Andrew Penner

Robert N. Amundsen

Ray Segars

Jason Beneker

Andrew Cooper

Richard Feustel

Aijaz Khan

Tabare Pagliano Baserga

Cary Smith

Bobby Starling

Tim White

Dr. Bruce Colburn

Jon Feldman

William Fleming

Dr. Fotouh Al-Ragom

John Lord

Dr. Binoy Choudhury

John Avina

Graham Croman

Andrew Hejnar

Catherine Luthin

Mark Sankey

Ben Paul Gilmore

Andrew Kozak

David Wolcott

Dr. Stephen Roosa

Larry Good

Denis Enberg

Qaiser Khan

A. Stevens Krug

Charles Marshall

Prem Mehrotra

Thomas Mort

Jeffrey Myrdek

Don Penn

Thomas Tolan

Richard Costello

William Allemon

Charlie Barksdale

David Eberly

Garen Ewbank

Bruce Hall

Terry Irwin

Michael Langton

John Masiello

William Stein

Adam Wade

William Younger

Dr. Eric A. Woodroof

Paul Allen

Graham Parker

Dr. Warren Heffington

Scott Dunning

Theodore Birren

Alfonso Cabrera

Sarfraz Dairkee

Richard Lubinski

David Piatek

Peter Rumsey

James Yokota

Barry Benator

Rusty Hodapp

Timothy Janos

Fredric Goldner

George “Buster Barksdale

Greg Galvin

Stephen Hamstra

John Mench

Steven Parker

T. Kenneth Spain

Arun Jhaveri

Dr. Leonard Chow

Jeff Deem

Steven Heinz

Ken Kogut

Dale LeBlanc

Thomas McGeachen

John “Jack” McGowan

Michael Parker

Doug Pearson

Mark Roche

Boggarm Setty

Keith Willis

Dr. Barney Capehart

Dr. Wayne Turner

Al Thumann

Requirements for Fellows Membership

Individuals must be in a good standing member for the last 10 consecutive years and have received one of the following AEE recognitions: AEE Hall of Fame; AEE International Award Winner; AEE Legends in Energy.

The candidate must complete an application indicating their significant contributions to the industry such as books authored, patents granted, awards received by other organizations, or individual accomplishments. Significant contributions to AEE are also accounted for, such as chapter officer, conference speaker, multi-year conference attendee, certification board member, AEE Executive Committee, etc.

How to Apply

Candidates will submit an application along with a non-refundable application fee of $200.  Applications are accepted year-round. If you would like to be a part of the awards ceremony at the AEE World Energy Conference, your application must be received no later than July 31st.

Fellow Review

All completed applications will be reviewed for eligibility as defined by Article IV of the AEE Membership Bylaws. Fellow Members will receive a special plaque and lapel pin marking their new status.