Discover Virtual Training Benefits

Attendees participate in a virtual non-recorded, fully interactive, instructor-led training experience from the comfort of their own home or office.  This option is ideal for anyone who travels, has time or budget restrictions, or who prefers to learn virtually.

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An Integrated Experience

See and interact with the instructors, the in-person attendees, other virtual attendees, and view the program content all in a simple webinar conferencing desktop interface. You also spend valuable time connecting with and learning from other program attendees. Discussions are held in an open, interactive virtual environment. Virtual events mimic the in-person schedule and require active attendance. Please note that Virtual formatted training programs are not recorded or shared with participants.


Learn from the Experts in their Field

Many of AEE’s virtual or hybrid training programs offer a premium experience with multiple instructors. Each instructor has greater than 20 years of experience in the industry. In each topic covered, the instructors focus on the most “useful” and “proven” activities to pursue in both the short and long terms, so that you can make an impact immediately after the program, and improve profits in the long term.

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Reduce Your Expenses and be Socially Responsible

Attending online reduces your travel, hotel and meal expenses. You're also reducing your carbon footprint and being a little more socially responsible.

Industry & People, Training

Prepare for Your Exam and Get Certified Remotely

You can take an exam from the comfort of your own home or office while an exam proctor monitors your progress using a webcam and screen sharing technology.

Technical Requirements

  • PC or Mac with webcam, microphone and speakers, headphones or headset.
  • Online Broadband (non-secured) bandwidth of 3 Mbps.
  • A wired connection is highly recommended.