Who are Business Energy Professionals?

  • Are you a Business Professional that oversees the work of Energy Professionals?
  • Are you an Energy Professional that presents and justifies energy-saving projects to your organization’s executive management team for review and approval?
  • Are you a consultant that proposes energy-efficiency projects to your clients?
  • Are you involved in the process of deciding which business improvement programs get approved?

What Does a BEP Do?

Certified Business Energy Professionals understand how important energy decisions affect the organization’s energy-consuming systems, how these systems affect employee productivity and how these decisions can affect the organization’s financial profitability and bottom line. They can present and justify these programs and projects for approval, and more importantly, understand how to compare projects that compete and make objective decisions on which projects should move forward with approval.

Body of Knowledge

  • Codes & Standards, and Green Buildings
  • Energy Fundamentals
  • Utility Rates
  • Electric and Gas Procurement
  • Energy Accounting and Instrumentation
  • Energy Economics, and Financing Energy Projects
  • Commissioning; Measurement & Verification
  • Building Systems
  • Industrial Systems
  • Energy Efficient Equipment & Applications

Connect With BEP

Find a BEP in the Certified Professionals Directory, or see what they’re saying by visiting your local AEE Chapter or joining a LinkedIn group. Energy professionals continuously tell us that they stay ahead in the industry by getting involved in the community.

Already Certified?

Maintain Your Certification

An AEE certification can help define your status as an energy professional and help progress your career. Once complete, make sure you maintain your account and keep track of your certification requirements for renewal.