Recognition of Excellence by One's Peers

AEE awards recognize individuals, companies, and organizations’ vital work to create a more sustainable energy future worldwide. Spotlight success stories in energy efficiency or sustainable development by nominating your colleagues, companies, or projects for a AEE Award!

Who is Eligible

AEE awards are presented to energy professionals who have achieved international, national, or regional prominence in their fields. Candidates for awards are not required to be AEE members but must be nominated by an AEE member in good standing, an AEE chapter, or by an officer of the Association of Energy Engineers.

Submit Entires - 2024 Nominations Closed

Nominate an individual, project or organization that you believe deserves recognition for the important work they are doing in energy.  Entries are invited in any of the categories. As many categories as desired may be entered. Chapter awards are presented at the discretion of local chapters. Contact a chapter in your area for more information.

General Criteria

  • Each award addresses a unique area and submittals should describe nominee's proficiency in that category.
  • The nomination of an individual should include a description of the nominee's work in the field, including short but descriptive summary(s) of specific projects or programs (s)he has worked on including innovative projects, substantiated savings, etc. Because the awards are based on installed and successful projects and programs, future plans and goals are not considered.
  • The nomination of a project should include a description of the type of project, equipment installed, operating results, substantiated savings (cost savings and energy savings), financial data, or special features. Projects are eligible for nomination only after they have been in operation for at least six months and can be substantiated with actual installation costs and operating savings. Because awards are based on installed and successful projects, future plans and goals are not considered.
  • Nominators are required to verify the accuracy of the information provided in the nominations they submit. Nominees may also be required to confirm their information.

Call for Nominations

  • A Call for Award Nominations will be sent to AEE members in November of each year.

How Entries are Processed

  • Entries are first screened to verify eligibility. Each entry is then individually evaluated according to official judging criteria.
  • Entries in the International and Regional categories are judged by an Awards Committee composed of experienced and qualified energy/environmental professionals. The Committee reserves the right to withhold awards in any category in which nominees do not meet expected levels of performance. The decision of the Committee is final.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Award Notifications and Ceremonies

Recipients of AEE Awards will be notified by the Awards Committee prior to the AEE World Energy Conference each year. Ceremonies to award and recognize recipients are then held during the conference.