Who are Certified Industrial Energy Professionals?

  • Are you a technical or operations engineer responsible for optimizing the system’s performance of industrial equipment, such as instrumentation, controls, pumps, motors, drives and compressed air systems?
  • Are you a consultant that specializes in the energy efficiency of plant, manufacturing or industrial facilities?
  • Are you an industrial plant manager responsible for energy or utility costs for your facility?

What Does a CIEP Do?

Industrial energy professionals ensure that industrial plants and manufacturing facilities are operated and maintained to the highest performance while using the lowest amount of energy possible. Using proven energy management systems and audit processes, such as ISO50001 and ISO50002 they help identify inefficiencies and define energy strategies for reducing costs. As technical experts, they understand the varied equipment and systems used throughout industry and can leverage this knowledge to improve overall systems performance.

Body of Knowledge

  • Introduction to Industrial Energy Management
  • Control Systems
  • Audit Tools
  • Industrial Water Systems
  • Heat Exchange Systems
  • Industrial Refrigeration Systems
  • Furnaces, Boilers, and Fired Equipment
  • Steam Systems
  • Turbine Systems
  • Motor Systems
  • Pump Systems
  • Fan Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems

Connect With CIEP

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