Past President

Samer Zawaydeh

Presidential Year: 2020

AEE Volunteer Position: Director of Special Activities International

Samer Zawaydeh M.S.C., C.R.M., R.E.P., is an Independent Engineer internationally recognized energy expert with 26 years of management experience around the world. He worked in the extra heavy steel structure fabrication of power stations and refineries worldwide and on developing several wind energy projects in Jordan. He is working on on Jordan Renewables Readiness Assessment (2020-2025) with IRENA, Jordan Climate Change Stakeholders Dialogue to initiate the carbon market and finance, energy efficiency, renewable energy, utility scale Wind and PV projects development with and he is the first consultant that started implementing Jordan Green Building Guide rating system 2015. He is also a lecturer at the Al Hussein Technical University.

He worked on stakeholder management with several private and international donor agencies like USAID, GIZ, EU, MEDA on conducting energy audits for buildings, proposing energy conservation methods and implementing energy retrofit projects and development of the Photovoltaic Center of Excellence for technicians training in Mafraq-Jordan with sector skills committee development models. And he conducted several in depth studies on energy, water sectors, green economy and PV Sector. He developed training programs and trained over 50,000 people since 2012 in renewable energy and energy efficiency regulatory framework, REEE Economics, green buildings, thermal insulation, project development, best practices, carbon emissions and climate change.

He is a public speaker and a certified Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM), Renewable Energy Professional (REP), and holds several other certifications. He continuously works on energy awareness, capacity building and developing clean energy projects that are secure and affordable. Committed volunteer to the development of the energy sector locally, regionally and around the world through the Association of Energy Engineers network. He served as AEE President-Elect (2019), AEE Secretary (2018), CRM Board Chairman (2018-Present), President of the Jordan Energy Chapter (2015-2017), Secretary of the Jordan Energy Chapter (2017-2019), International Certification Board (2016-Present), Assistant Director for International Membership Development for Special Projects (2014-Present), Student Chapters Mentor (2014-Present), Assistant Director for International Membership Development for Middle East (2012-2014). In addition, he founded eight student chapters locally and three regionally, and helped in the startup of four country chapters regionally.

My AEE Story

Our journey with The Association of Energy Engineers started with the USAID SABEQ program introducing the Certified Energy Manager® CEM® in Jordan in 2010. Taking part of this five day course was highly rewarding on the scientific and personal level. The high quality and high performance of the AEE instructors provided guidance and assisted professional engineers in better managing the energy issue in Jordan.

I kept active with the Chapter as Membership Committee Leader (2010-2012), Assistant Director of the International Membership Development for the Middle East (2012-2014) and for Special Projects (2014 – present). President of the Jordan Energy Chapter EDAMA (June 2015-June 2017), and together with my fellow board members, we were able to hold 36 members meetings, complete 33 courses and train 683 people during 24 months, Secretary of the Jordan Energy Chapter EDAMA (July 2017-July 2019), Student Chapters Mentor (2014- Present). AEE staff dedication and commitment to excellence is the key reason behind the continuous success and growth of our local and regional activities.

We have four student chapters with around 250 students and more are expected to follow. We were able to start the 1ST Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) outside USA in Jordan in 2014, which already held over 34 meetings since then with 800 attendees. We increased our AEE certification programs from 3 in 2015 to 10 program in 2017, and as of July 2017 we have 484 AEE certificates in Jordan. AEE certified professionals are a mark of excellence in the region, and energy service companies are competing to retain AEE certified professionals to achieve the certification requirements for registration as energy service providers in Jordan, Dubai, Greece and Saudi Arabia.