Who are Energy Efficiency Practitioners?

  • Are you a young or new energy professional looking to jump-start your career?
  • Are you an energy technician responsible for the operation and maintenance of your company’s building, looking for job recognition or career growth?
  • Are you a building owner looking to understand how you can make your facility more energy efficient without an in-depth knowledge of energy engineering?

What Does an EEP Do?

Energy Efficiency Practitioners are entry level professionals who are interested in a career path in the energy industry or current professionals wishing to transition to the energy sector. If you work in a commercial, government, institutional, or industrial building the Certified Energy Efficiency Practitioner (EEP) may be right for you.

Body of Knowledge

  • Introduction to Energy Production, Transmission and Distribution
  • Building Utilities & Energy Bills
  • Economics
  • Energy Auditing and Instrumentation
  • Electrical Systems
  • Motors & Drives
  • Lighting
  • Thermal Energy Systems
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Mechanical Systems & HVAC
  • Maintenance
  • Renewable Energy / Carbon Reduction

Connect With EEP

Find an EEP in the Certified Professionals Directory, or see what they’re saying by visiting your local AEE Chapter or joining a LinkedIn group. Energy professionals continuously tell us that they stay ahead in the industry by getting involved in the community.

Already Certified?

Maintain Your Certification

An AEE certification can help define your status as an energy professional and help progress your career. Once complete, make sure you maintain your account and keep track of your certification requirements for renewal.