More Reasons to Get AEE Certified

Why Invest in yourself?

Gaining a recognized certification helps you overcome barriers, whether that’s expanding your knowledge, gaining customer trust, demonstrating competence, or leading future developments to save energy.

Why Select AEE?

AEE has been at the forefront of energy management and energy efficiency for over 40 years. Our certification programs are accredited, internationally accepted, and recognized by industry professionals and the communities they serve.

Which Certification is Right for You?

Understanding the career path that matches your interests, aspirations, and personality is essential to your success. AEE’s certifications certify your subject matter expertise for climbing the ladder while allowing lateral career moves for future flexibility.

Increase Your Value & Self-worth

Understanding the value you bring to any situation and the difference you can make is crucial to realizing your self-worth. Undertaking and maintaining a certification creates a level of self-awareness and a sense of equality, which carries through to your interactions with your peers, clients, managers, colleagues, and even friends.

Increased Compensation

The median average compensation1 for AEE certified energy professionals

$100-150k (US)

$50-75k (Worldwide)

...and Value

The majority of energy professionals (56%)1 received some form of merit bonus in 2019.


What is the Bottom Line for my Company?

An AEE certification shows individuals hold a fundamental understanding of the profession, technologies, solutions, and a commitment to the highest standards of quality. Companies, organizations, and consultants with an AEE Certified Professional on-staff often see a higher affinity with their customers because they understand their customer’s requirements and are trusted to report and validate energy metrics and potential savings. Implementing energy savings measures often make direct savings to the bottom line for any organization.

1 Data Source: AEE 2019 Energy Jobs and Market Trends