AEE selects speakers, often personalities that are known globally, to challenge, entertain and motivate conference attendees. These are truly "got-to-attend" sessions that often provide the audience motivation to go out and make changes or connect with event attendees.

Bear Grylls, OBE

AEE World 2021

Robert Swan, OBE

AEE World 2020, 2021

Peggy Liu

AEE World 2020

Dr. Eric A. Woodroof

AEE World 2020

Felipe Calderon

41st WEEC

Sheryl Connelly

41st WEEC

Captain Scott Kelly

41st WEEC

President George W. Bush

40th WEEC

Scott Parazynski

40th WEEC

David Gregory

39th WEEC

J.B. Straubel

39th WEEC

Dr. Ernest Moniz

39th WEEC

Condoleezza Rice

38th WEEC

Senator Judd Gregg

38th WEEC

President Bill Clinton

37th WEEC

Arnold Schwarzenegger

36th WEEC

Gen. Colin L. Powell

35th WEEC

Ted Koppel

35th WEEC

Alexandra Cousteau

34th WEEC

T. Boone Pickens

34th WEEC

Thomas Friedman

33rd WEEC

Jay Inslee

32nd West Coast EMC

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

32nd WEEC

Edward Rendell


Amory Lovins

21st West Coast EMC

Mark Your Calendars

Held in cities that lead the way in energy efficiency and sustainability

AEE World

Orlando, FL

October 25-27, 2023

AEE West

Long Beach, CA

May 1-2, 2024

AEE World

Nashville, TN

September 25-27, 2024