Renewal Requirements

10 AEE credits are needed every three years to maintain your AEE certification. You need to obtain these from various sources1, such as;

  • Employment in the industry (1 credit per year - 3 max.)
  • Membership in a professional engineering society (1 credit per year - 3 max.)
  • Offices held in professional engineering society (1 credit per year - 3 max.)
  • Attending relevant industry events (technical training - 0.2 credits per hour)
  • Training in a related field (technical training - 0.2 credits per hour)
  • Presenting to your peers at events (1 credit, per energy topic)
  • Industry Award (2 credits - For team leader, or team member awarded)
  • Writing a technical peer-reviewed paper or article (2 credits - Non self-published media allowed)

Breaking Barriers

Article - The Value of Maintaining Certification


Required Information for Application of Credits

AEE Certified Professionals must maintain records to support the application of credits and a Continuing Professional Competency (CPC). Activities that enhance and improve a professional’s skills in the area certified and courses presented by an accredited university or college, nonprofit organization, or continuing education department are most relevant and generally accepted for credit. Certified professionals must use good judgment when applying credits for renewals.

AEE Conducts random audits; if chosen, the certified professional is expected to provide proof of documentation for the CEUs claimed. The AEE Certification board will not pre-approve courses or course providers and reserves the right to approve or deny the application of credits. Course providers should present certified professionals with the information needed for documentation as proof of continuing education.


Certified Professionals

Required information for renewal documentation:
Sponsoring organization
Course name and brief course content description and/or skills assessments.
Date of activity and duration
Instructor/speaker/facilitator’s name
Number of CEU or PDH earned.

Course Providers

The course provider shall be an accredited college or university, professional engineering, energy and sustainability association, nonprofit organization or continuing education department of an organization which meets the following:

Awards Continuing Education Units (CEU) to students who have completed a Learning Event. A Learning Event shall have clear objectives, include evaluation at the conclusion and incorporate review into learning activity improvements
Provider must maintain a list of all instructors, including qualifications
Provider must keep a permanent record of attendees, including course name, brief content, location, date of activity, duration, and number of CEU or PDH awarded
Each attendee shall be provided with a Certificate of Participation indicating Learning Event attended, date, location, and CEU or PDH awarded

Recertify or Reinstate Your Certification

If you failed to meet the renewal requirements above you may have let your certification lapse. Read our Frequently asked questions on how you can reinstate your certification or contact us here.

Footnote: 1Some AEE certification programs have specific requirements. Not all examples shown are valid for every certification program.