AEE for Training

Now, more than ever, to succeed in business, you must choose a path of lifelong learning and continued development. Trying to keep pace with global issues, and the rate of innovation is hard without a trusted source for training and development.

Professional & Workforce Development

Staying current on the latest technologies and strategies for managing energy and developing sustainable solutions is critical for energy efficiency professionals. AEE encourages you to be at the cutting edge of your field, and AEE training programs help build upon your skillset, prepare you for certification, and develop the knowledge needed for you to meet the challenges of todays and future energy-related issues.

Leading Instructors

Relevant Content

Ease of Access


Instructor Quality & Experience

You have the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in our industry. AEE approved instructors are active in the energy industry and have extensive first-hand experience of the latest practices, technologies, strategies and solutions. The instructors focus on the most “useful” and “proven” activities that an energy professional should pursue to maximize results in each topic covered. They lead discussions in an open, interactive environment so that you gain their knowledge and spend valuable time connecting with and learning from other program attendees.


Industry & people, Training

Relevant Content and Topics

AEE Training programs support industry needs and workforce development by covering a wide variety of functional areas, focus on a discipline, or narrow to a specific topic. Some areas include:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Auditing
  • Measurement & Verification Facility Management
  • Building Commissioning and Automation
  • Energy Services & Commissioning
  • Alternative & Renewable Energy
  • Energy Procurement
  • Energy Supply & Demand
  • Sustainable Development
  • Carbon Accounting

Ease of Access & Availability

AEE offers training programs in cities worldwide or online, either directly or through our network of approved training partners and AEE Chapters. Wherever you are, you can attend an AEE Program that suits your schedule, location and learning style.


Future Opportunities

By attending an AEE Training program you will increase your knowledge and further develop your skills, which can positively impact your career.  You get a chance to talk with and learn from your peers, and expand your network, often making lifelong connections.