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Individuals must complete the CEM® training program requirement and have successfully passed the CEM® exam and hold a current U.S. issued P.E. license, can apply for the Green Building Engineer Certification.

AEE's Certified Green Building Engineer (GBE) program awards special recognition to those green building, design and construction engineering professionals who have demonstrated a high level of competence and ethical fitness for green building related disciplines, as well as laws governing and affecting green building professionals.


  • To raise the professional standards of those engaged in green building engineering, design and construction.
  • To improve the practice of green building engineering by encouraging professionals in a continuing program of professional development.
  • To identify persons with acceptable knowledge of the principles and practices of green building engineering related disciplines and laws governing and affecting professionals by meeting prescribed standards of performance and conduct.
  • To award special recognition to those Green Building Engineers who have demonstrated a high level of competence and ethical fitness for green building engineering, design and construction. See: EPA Online Directory

Get listed in the ENERGY STAR Directory of Licensed Professionals

To be listed in the directory, you must have performed at least one verification for a building that applied for and received ENERGY STAR certification.

Start marketing your services by adding your name to the directory. Please write www.energystar.gov/BuildingsHelp  with the subject line "Request to be listed in Directory of Licensed Professionals" and include the following information:

  • The name of at least one building that you verified and that subsequently earned the ENERGY STAR. Please include the full building address and a contact person for the building.
  • Your full contact information
  • State(s) or Province(s) in which you are a licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect
  • Whether you hold a Green Building Engineer certification from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)
  • Whether you are willing to consider providing free verification services to organizations that can’t afford the fee. (Find more information on probono verification of ENERGY STAR applications here)

More Information

If you have any questions about GBE certification or would like to file a complaint against an individual GBE, please contact AEE’s Program Director

Francine Seskin | (770) 447-5083, ext. 223 | [email protected]