Please Note:

  • If you are located outside of the U.S., please contact your local training provider for availability and registration

  • Before submitting your application please review the following remote testing procedures

 1.  Review remote proctoring videos and information links to confirm this is a good option for you:

  • Online Proctoring at ProctorU: What to Expect:  Review the onboarding process and what to expect during your exam. (This video is available in French by clicking on the “cc” on the bottom of the video)
  • Technical Requirements – Review the specific technical requirements and non-supported platforms.
  • Automated Equipment Check - The automated equipment check does not guarantee your equipment's functionality on exam day. Blocked ports and security firewalls may inhibit your ability to connect to a proctor. To ensure the functionality of your computer, you will need to test your equipment once you have a ProctorU account to confirm there are no blocked ports or security walls that prevent you from connecting to a proctor on exam day.  You will need to confirm that the LogMeIn Rescue Applet works correctly. Note: ProctorU does NOT proctor tests on Chromebooks, Virtual Machines/Remote Desktop/VPN Connections, phones, or tablets. You MUST test from a laptop or desktop computer. If you plan to use a work/corporate computer, it is highly recommended that you provide this resource document to your IT department well ahead of your scheduled exam.
  • Guardian Browser – learn about the remote proctoring browser and how it benefits the testing experience.

Computer System Check List

    • Strong high-speed internet connection
    • Working webcam (internal or external)
    • Functioning microphone
    • Windows or Apple operating system
    • ProctorU Guardian Browser (available for download here).
      **Note: you must download and sign in through the Guardian Browser on exam day. Chrome and Firefox are not compatible.
    • About Guardian – learn about the browser and it’s benefits to the testing experience
    • Guardian Resource Articles (available here)
    • Review Client/Port Whitelist Information (available here)

2. Take the Free Practice Exam. Familiarize yourself with the exam platform before your certification exam by taking the Testing Platform Practice Exam. Questions are not technical and provide tips and practice on using the different navigation functions. This practice exam does not confirm functionality of your computer. Computer equipment should be checked separately through your ProctorU account.

3.  Register and complete an AEE approved training program. Find a scheduled program here.

4.  Submit the certification application. Please allow 4 weeks for application review and processing.

  • Proctor U exam fees are included in your certification application. A minimum of 72-hour notice is required to schedule an online exam with ProctorU. Additional fees for premium scheduling are not included.
  • Appointments made less than 72-hours are subject to an additional premium scheduling fee.  Fees range from $8 - $20. Appointments cannot be made less than 24-hours from the desired exam time. Premium scheduling fees are collected through ProctorU.

5.  AEE reviews the application and emails you a confirmation, either accepting the application, or requesting additional information if necessary.

6.  Create a ProctorU account: Once AEE processes your certification application, we will pass on your information to ProctorU and you will receive an invitation email from ProctorU to take the specific certification exam.  If this is your first time using ProctorU, you will need to create your account with the primary email address you provided us on the certification application and complete your profile.

  • PLEASE use the name that you used on your certification application.
  • Be sure to select your home time zone. If you don’t know your home time zone, perform an internet search with search term “time zone” for websites that will help you to determine your time zone.
  • Once your account is created, you will receive an email with a link to confirm your account.
  • After your account has been confirmed, you can schedule your exam.

7.  Receive exam scheduling confirmation: Once your exam has been scheduled, a notification email will be sent to you from ProctorU. If you need to reschedule your exam date, please login to your ProctorU account and select the “Reschedule” icon. Any exams cancelled less than 24 hours of exam reservation or candidates who do not appear on their scheduled exam day, a $75 late cancellation fee payable to AEE will be required before the exam can be rescheduled.

8. Test Your Equipment

To ensure the functionality of your computer, you will need to test your equipment prior to your exam.  Please follow the below steps:

Once you receive the computer results, follow these additional steps to ensure your computer can connect to ProctorU to run your exam:

  • Click on the Support Icon on the top left corner in order to connect with a live agent
  • Ask the technician to confirm that there are no blocked ports or security firewalls that will prevent you from connecting to a proctor on exam day
  • Ask to confirm the LogMeIn Rescue Applet works correctly
  • Please watch this video to familiarize yourself with the exam day onboarding process

Note: ProctorU does NOT proctor test on Chromebooks, Virtual Machines/Remote Desktop/VPN Connections, phones, or tablets. You MUST test from a laptop or desktop computer. If you are running within a virtual machine or remote desktop when you connect to the proctor on exam day, you will be asked to exit your virtual machine or remote desktop connection and reconnect to your host operating system to take your test. The Test Your Equipment cannot detect if you’re connected to a virtual machine or remote desktop.  It can only be detected when you connect to the proctor.  If you plan to use a work/corporate computer, it is highly recommended that you provide this resource document to your IT department well ahead of your scheduled exam.

9. Testing Reminders

  • Please ask others to refrain from coming into the room where you are taking your exam as you need to be alone to take your exam.
  • Try to take a bathroom break BEFORE you start as any bathroom breaks during the exam will NOT stop the clock.  You will also be required to scan the room with your webcam again.
  • The proctor will be there to assist you if you have any technical difficulties during or before the exam. Feel free to speak to them if you need assistance in this area.
  • Be aware that connecting with the proctor, confirming your identity, and preparing to start the exam can take time.  This does not deduct from your exam allotted time.
  • Proctors CANNOT assist you with the exam nor explain any questions on the exam.
  • Please relax and take the test. The proctor will be watching and listening to you as you take the exam, but this is no different than a live test with proctors in the room walking around looking at students while they take an exam.

Additionally, please visit and review the test-taker resource center here.

10.  Take Your Exam: On Exam day, 5 minutes before your exam appointment time, go to, log in, and follow the prompts.

- Be in a private, well-lit room
- Clear your workspace
- Have your photo I.D. ready
- Close all third-party programs
- No non-religious head coverings
- No duplicated computer monitors
- No food or smoking/vaping
- No headphones, ear plugs, ear buds
- No watches

  • A proctor from ProctorU will be connected with you.
  • They will require you to present government issued photo ID.
  • You will not be allowed to test in a room where a clear glass wall would allow someone else to view the computer screen.
  • They will also require you to pan your room and desk with the camera to verify that you are alone taking the exam.
    • Please ensure your desk area is clear of any clutter or papers other than approved exam resources mentioned below under AEE Exam Rules.
    • You will be asked to remove everything from your desk that is not permanently affixed or approved for the test; if it needs to stay it will be checked under to ensure no unpermitted materials are present.
    • Remember to ask others to refrain from coming into the room where you are taking your exam as you need to be alone to take your exam.
    • Try to take a bathroom break BEFORE you start as any bathroom breaks during the exam will NOT stop the clock. You will be required to rescan the room with your webcam again.
  • They will ask permission to share your desktop. This is to enable them to access your exam.  You must have some administrative privileges on the computer you are working on for this to be enabled.
  • If a proctor does not come on right away, do NOT leave the ProctorU site. If you leave the site YOU WILL LOSE YOUR EXAM APPOINTMENT TIME.
  • There are sometimes delays due to a large number of students logging on at the same time. If you have waited more than 20 minutes for a proctor, click on the Support icon in the top left corner to connect with a live agent or you may call ProctorU at 855-772-8678.
  • If an internet connection is lost during your exam appointment, ProctorU will attempt to re-establish the connection with you virtually and/or via contact from ProctorU support team. Also, you can reconnect with ProctorU from your ProctorU account.
  • If there is an issue during the exam and you lose time or have technical difficulties, please notify the proctor you want to stop and reschedule your exam and then contact AEE immediately to notify us so we can cancel your appointment and reschedule your exam. If you continue the exam and are unsuccessful, the subsequent retest fee payable to AEE or training partner will not be waived and you will have to pay the appropriate retesting fee to reschedule.
  • You will take the exam online under AEE’s general rules:


This is an open book exam. Candidates are responsible for their open-book resources. Printed PDF documents and notes must be bound, which includes a ringed binder and coil bound. Reference textbooks are allowed during the exam. Other resources allowed are: Calculator (Four function, scientific, graphing and financial), ruler, book tabs and protractor.

During this exam, accessing desk drawers or additional resources is prohibited.

Absolute silence must be maintained during the exam.  Reading questions to yourself out loud is prohibited. Any person caught in violation of these rules will be excused from the exam and receive a failing score. 

Dry erase whiteboard ( max size 12” x 16”) is recommended for notes and calculations.  If a whiteboard is not available, four sheets of scratch paper are allowed.  At conclusion of the exam, you will be required to erase the whiteboard or destroy the scratch paper on camera.  You will only be allowed to make exam notes/calculations on the whiteboard or scratch paper.  You may not add or remove any paper to your binder during the test. Any person caught writing on his/her workbook, textbook or printed notes will automatically receive a failing score on the exam. 

Bathroom breaks are allowed during the exam but keep in mind that the clock does NOT stop. After the bathroom break the proctor will have you redo the room scan using your webcam. 

If you are caught in violation of AEE’s rules, a retake of the exam will not be allowed for a minimum period of at least six months.

11.  Notification of exam results:

For some exams, preliminary scores may be available.  All candidates will receive an official exam score letter via email.  All letters are sent within 30 days*. Please do not contact AEE or the Training Partner before this time.  Exam scores are not available on the AEE website or by phone.

*Internationally, scores are sent to the Training Partner within 30 days from the close of the exam window and receipt of necessary information for processing.

12.  Review by the Certification Board: If all required references are in place, the application is in order, all fees have been paid, you’ve met all eligibility requirements and passed the exam, AEE will send your file to Certification Board for final approval.

13.  Receiving your certification: The Board approval process usually takes 6-8 weeks. Once the approvals have been sent to AEE from the Certification Board, you will be granted certification and receive a digital certificate via email.

Please do not contact ProctorU for any information on your certification status.