Executive & Administration

Bill Kent

Bill has served as Executive Director of AEE since November 2017, succeeding Al Thumann, Founder of AEE.  Bill has been involved in the energy management industry for over 30 years and brings expertise in energy efficiency, automation, building systems, and executive leadership. In his 14 years at AEE, he has led many key initiatives and has been managing the day to day operations of the organization in his previous role as Managing Director.

His current focus is to promote the vision and mission of AEE to both developed and developing countries around the world – reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and improving the quality of life and economic advancement through the implementation of clean energy solutions.

Bill attended the University of Georgia and is a Certified Energy Manager® (CEM®), and serves on numerous Boards and Advisory Groups.

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Jennifer Vendola

Jennifer joined AEE in 2005 as Certification Director and assumed the position of Controller in 2007. She handles all aspects of accounting, human resources as well as database management.  Jennifer holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Chemistry and Accounting from Georgia State University.

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Rachel Hobson

Rachel joined AEE in 2022 as the Office Manager. Before working in the energy field, Rachel spent 13 years as a Registered Veterinary Technician; working in surgery and internal medicine for the last 5 years. As Office Manager, she is dedicated to building relationships with our members and certified professionals. After graduating from Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City with an Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology, she moved to Georgia and has been here for the last 9 years.

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Jessa Jansen

Jessa joined AEE in 2022 as the Executive Assistant. Originally from Florida, Jessa moved to Atlanta in 2008 and has worked in Marketing and Administration for over 13 years. Jessa has a pride in offering support as well as building relationships. Jessa graduated from American InterContinental University in 2020 with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

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Colin Spady

Colin joined AEE in January 2023, to lead U.S. Business Development efforts. Colin brings to AEE eight years of energy sustainability experience, most recently with Johnson Controls Performance Infrastructure team.

His current role will focus on advancing the growth of AEE, working with local, state, and federal offices and agencies to develop and support workforce initiatives required to meet renewable, sustainable, clean energy and carbon reduction goals. Additionally, Colin will promote membership, training, certification programs and events to new and existing AEE customers.

Colin is a graduate of North Carolina A&T, with a bachelor’s in Public Relations.

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Cheyenne Kimbrell

Cheyenne joined AEE in 2018 as Conference Speaker Director and transitioned into Director of Chapters & Membership in 2022. She is responsible for working with all existing AEE chapters and developing new chapters globally. Cheyenne holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management with a concentration Event Management from The University of Alabama.

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Lisbeth Sierra

Lisbeth joined AEE in February 2022 and is the Member Engagement Specialist. As the Member Engagement Specialist, she is working to support student chapters, develop resources for them to prosper, and assist in supporting professional chapters and awards. She graduated from the University of West Georgia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and is excited to bring creative ideas to new student chapters.

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Michelle Whitlock

Michelle joined AEE in 2008, and has worked as the Conference Speakers Director and Digital Communications Director and assumed the role of Executive Administrator in 2020. She transitioned to Director of Recognition in 2022. Michelle oversees the AEE Awards Programs at international, national, and regional levels, and administers programs for the AEE Energy Managers Hall of Fame and Officer nominations and elections. Michelle holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Georgia State University.

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Mary Elise Cox

Mary Elise joined AEE in 2005 and handles all aspects of presenting AEE certification training programs with government agencies and the private sector as well as AEE chapters around the world.  She also oversees the process of qualified individuals obtaining certification outside of the United States. Mary Elise holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Consumer Economics and obtained a minor in French from the University of Georgia.

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Kate Feltgen

Kate joined AEE in 2007 as part-time help in the Membership and Conference Registration Departments, and in 2008 she assumed the role of Executive Assistant to Executive Director, and then in 2014 she took over as the Director of Information Services. She is now assisting the International Certification department. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance from the University of New Hampshire and a Master’s in Music Performance from Georgia State University.

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Teniece Price-Williams

Teniece joined the AEE International department in August of 2017. She handles all training and certification processing for international certification training courses and AEE Training Partners. Teniece is in charge of processing all certification renewals with AEE Training Partners.

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Samar Al Tekreeti

Joined AEE as International Project Director in 2022. Samar is managing all aspects of proposal, contract, & project implementation for AEE’s international activities. She is an engineer who has vast experience in both the engineering and education sector with more than 14 years of engineering practical practice. She previously worked The British University of Dubai as the Head of Department for their Professional Development & Examinations Centre and managed AEE’s Training and certification programs in UAE. She holds a bachelor’s in Interior Design, a Masters in Sustainable Design of the Built Environment and a PhD candidate in Architecture and Sustainable Built Environment. She also holds CEM, CEA and PCF credentials from AEE.

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Helen Johnson

Helen joined AEE in 2004 as Conference Speakers Director where she was is in charge of developing conference programs and coordinating speakers. In 2009 she assumed the role of Certification Director and managed the CEM and BEP certification programs. In January 2020, she started in the position of Certification Development Director. She is responsible for developing and maintaining global certification schemes, as well as overseeing the ISO/IEC 17024 accredited programs. Helen holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree focused in Hospitality Administration from Georgia State University.

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Crystal Xiong

Crystal joined the AEE staff in 2008, assisting the CEM Certification Department.  In January 2020 she assumed the role of CEM Certification Director. She is responsible for managing the CEM certification program.

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Michelle Zakin Leclerc

Michelle joined AEE in 2009 as an Administrative Assistant and assumed the role of Certification Director in the summer of 2010. She oversees the CMVP®, EEP, and PCF Programs.  Michelle holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Clemson University.

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Francine Seskin

Francine joined AEE in 2006 as Executive Assistant to the Executive Director after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at Georgia State University. She assumed the role of Certification Director in 2008. She is responsible for the following certification programs: CEA, BEP, CBCP, EBCP, CDSM, CIEP, CGD, DGCP, CEP, CWEP, REP, REA, GBE, CSDP, CRM, CLEP, CPQ, BESA.

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Priscila Carbaugh

Priscila joined AEE in 2011. She is in charge of certification renewals globally and also serves as the AEE Scholarship Director for the AEE Foundation. She holds a Bachelor’s in Communications from Mercer University, a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Marketing, and a Graduate Certificate in Fintech |Blockchain from Georgia State University. She also is PMP, and Climate Leadership, Sustainability Studies certified.

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Sharon Hewson

Sharon joined AEE in 2018 as Executive Assistant. She assists the Executive Director with day-to-tasks, as well as being responsible for company IT support, database management, credential registration and AEE webinars. Sharon holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Teesside University, England.

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Anne Witterschein

Anne joined AEE in 2021 and is the Office Manager. As the Office Manager, she was responsible for handling general inquiries, supporting members, overseeing general office operation, and assisting departments as needed. Anne moved into the Training Administrator role in 2022 and looks forward to helping create a clean and sustainable future.

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Kimberly Meadows

After working part-time for AEE prior to the pandemic, Kimberly joined our AEE family full-time as training administrator. Kimberly spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy as hospital corpsman holding varied positions and in many locations around the globe. After retiring from the Navy she went on to study kinesiology and health sciences at Augusta University before settling in the Atlanta area.

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Conferences, Expos & Events

Lauren Lake

Lauren joined AEE staff in 2003.  As AEE’s meeting planner, Lauren coordinates conferences and trade shows, including securing bids and contracts for audio-visual equipment, computers, medical services, security, photography, event services, and catering.  She oversees the design, printing and distribution of promotional materials for shows and membership.  She can also be contacted regarding show sponsorship opportunities. Lauren holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Georgia State University.

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Connie Meadows

Connie joined the AEE staff in 2004, assisting with Membership and Conference Registration. With the separation of the Membership and Conference Department, Connie has taken on the role of Conference Registration Director. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Georgia State University.

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Diane McCullum

Diane joined AEE in 2019 as Event Sales Director.  She is in charge managing exhibitors and sponsors for AEE East, AEE West, and AEE World.

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Cameron Sonefeld

Cameron joined AEE in August of 2022 as Conference Speaker Director. She is in charge of developing the conference programs and coordinating the speakers for each show. Cameron earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from Wofford College in May of 2022.

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Marketing & Communications

Andrea Taylor

Andrea joined AEE in 2023 as Marketing Director. She is responsible for driving and delivering strategies and activities to advance the growth of AEE. Andrea brings over 20 years of marketing and communications experience in very diverse spaces like advertising agencies, large multinational corporations, the state government and the association industry. Bilingual English-Spanish, Andrea also speaks conversational Italian and Portuguese.

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Laurie Beth Nix

Laurie Beth Nix joined AEE in 2021 as the Marketing and Communications Specialist, focusing on propelling AEE’s brand forward through social media and digital marketing. Laurie Beth holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Middle Georgia State University in Interdisciplinary Studies concentrating in New Media and Communications.

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