Certifications Developed for Industry, by Industry

AEE integrates industry experts into the development and accreditation process for every certification. Their input ensures all content is impartial, objective, and aligned with current and future industry requirements.


Gain Access to a Global Network

AEE has over 32,000 active certified professionals that create a global network across the entire energy value chain. These individuals hold shared values and are often advisors, educators, or leaders in their chosen field.


Helping Build Communities Worldwide

AEE certifications are often catalysts for developing and implementing sustainability programs or energy efficiency projects. AEE Certified professionals lead these initiatives and make lasting impressions on the customers or communities they help.


Supporting a Sustainable Energy Future

AEE Certified professionals save firms money. They do this by improving energy efficiency, reducing energy use, and implementing sustainable practices. Equally important, their work creates healthier living and working environments, reduces carbon emissions, and ultimately offsets the factors contributing to climate change.

Which Certification is Right for You?

Understanding the career path that matches your interests, aspirations, and personality is essential to your success. AEE’s certifications certify your subject matter expertise for climbing the ladder while allowing lateral career moves for future flexibility.