Alexander Ovdiienko

AEE Fellow Induction Year: 2022

AEE Volunteer Position: Regional Vice President Former Soviet Union

Alexander Ovdiienko, C.E.M., has been the President of the Central AEE Chapter in Ukraine since 2012. He is accredited consultant by Verkhovna Rada’s of Ukraine Committee on Energy, Nuclear and Nuclear Security, member of Public Counsils of Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine, State Agency on Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency of Ukraine. According to Ukrainian legislation Alexander is Certified Energy Auditor. He is engaged in development and implementing energy sustainable and non-carbon economic development projects such as improving energy efficiency, using alternative energy sources and development of energy market for more than 16 years.

Alexander’s qualification and skills are the following: Business Development & Finance expert, Holder of Energy Saving and Energy Management Diplomas, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy auditor and expert, Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Adaptation of ESCO schemes to EE Projects in Industries, Utilities and Buildings. Alexander is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and English. General professional experience includes: Experience of management, finances, commercial relationships and project management in Ukrainian and International groups. He has excellent knowledge of the energy actors and practices in the energy saving, renewables and the gas distribution sector in Ukraine. He is experienced in official international relations and in international cooperation projects on energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy, in responsibility of international relations and in European integration actions of a national energy, energy saving and renewable energy agencies.