Who are Certified Lighting Efficiency Professionals?

  • Are you an energy manager that leads, plans, coordinates, and manages energy efficiency improvement projects?

  • Are you a technical or operations engineer responsible for reducing your building’s or facility’s energy use and utility costs?

  • Are you a consultant specializing in the energy efficiency of plants, manufacturing, or industrial facilities?


What Does a CLEP Do?

Lighting efficiency professionals understand a building’s lighting requirements based on the occupancy and use of a given space, whether the application is illuminating a new building or retrofitting existing buildings to the most current lighting technologies. They measure, verify, and evaluate lighting efficiency projects, including the human-factor implications, technologies, and financial incentives to compare savings against other energy efficiency projects and identify ROI.

Body of Knowledge

  • Language of Light and Lighting Efficiency
  • Lighting Quantity and Quality Fundamentals
  • Color, Visibility and Health
  • Traditional Light Source Lamps and Ballasts and their Operating Characteristics
  • LED Technology and its Operating Characteristics
  • Lighting Maintenance and Environmental Safety
  • Lighting Controls
  • Lighting Audits
  • Lighting Photometrics, Reports, and IES files
  • Lighting Calculations
  • Financial Analysis Metrics and Calculations

CLEP Recognitions

CLEP is one of the approved credentials to help with technical analysis of energy saving improvements or waste minimization projects may be financed with a Dollar and Energy Saving Loan

LEP Pathway to NXT Level Training
Those holding the CLEP certification can apply for NXT Level 1 Designation without taking the NXT foundational courses or exam. Click here for more information.

AEE & NALMCO Offer Reciprocal Lighting Certification
AEE and the National Association of Lighting Management Companies® (NALMCO) are pleased to announce their respective lighting certifications allow for cross-over/reciprocal designation. AEE and NALMCO have a long history of serving the needs of the lighting industry. These programs cover core lighting concepts and technologies putting lighting professionals at the forefront of the industry. Once you earn one of these designations, you may apply for the other organization's certification without taking another exam. If you are a current CLEP, you can earn the CLMC designation without taking an additional exam. Find the reciprocal application here.

Connect With CLEP

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