Who are Certified Energy Procurement Professionals?

  • Are you an energy manager that leads, plans, coordinates and manages the procurement of electricity or natural gas for a large organization, or on the behalf of building owners?
  • Are you a consultant that specializes in the energy industry, its markets, its outlook, legislation, and regulations to offer your clients energy trading and risk management strategies?

  • Are you an energy marketer, energy procurement consultant or energy broker who wants to get recognized and rewarded for your experience and knowledge?

What Does a CEP Do?

Energy procurement professionals focus on buying, selling, trading or marketing energy. They may have specific experience of regulated or deregulated marketplaces, depending on their area of operation. They understand the structure of the energy industry, its markets, its outlook, legislation, and regulations. They often define individual corporate energy goals and combine them into an overall energy procurement and cost avoidance strategy or program. They also understand the technical aspects of energy usage, including metering, load profiling, and real-time pricing.

Body of Knowledge

  • Legislation, Regulation and Energy Outlook for Energy Procurement
  • The Structure of the Electric Industry
  • Purchasing Electricity in the Restructured Industry
  • The Structure of the Natural Gas Industry
  • Purchasing Natural Gas in a Restructured Industry
  • Metering, Load Profiles & Real Time Pricing
  • Energy Trading and Risk Management
  • Fundamentals of Gas and Electric Marketing
  • Energy Cost Avoidance Strategies

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