The Highest Honor Bestowed by AEE.

Hossam Kassab

Dr. Leonard Chow

Catherine Luthin

Barry Benator

Lori Moen

Jon Feldman

George Benda

Eric Oliver

Song Deng

Russell Koehler

Robert N. Amundsen

Douglas Tripp

Dr. Alexander Novoseltsev

Laurie Wiegand-Jackson

LJ Grobler

Dennis Landsberg

Buster Barksdale

Dr. Eric A. Woodroof

Arun Jhaveri

W. Dan Turner

James W. (Jim) Brown

Graham Parker

Dr. Warren Heffington

Rusty Hodapp

Malcolm Verdict

F. William Payne

MaryAnne Lauderdale

Randolph Haines

David Keith

Timothy Janos

Dr. Zohrab Melikyan

Fredric Goldner

William (Bill) Younger

Richard Costello

Dr. Stephen Roosa

Stephen Sain

James Waltz

Dr. Bruce Colburn

Steven Parker

Dr. Albin Zsebik

Paul Allen

Jack McGowan

Larry Rowland

Kenneth Kogut

T. Kenneth Spain

Carl Salas

Millard Carr

Douglas Decker

William Stewart

Patricia Rose

Walter Simpson

Jerry Taylor

Dr. Barney Capehart

Larry Good

Kermit Harmon

John Fetters

Dr. Shirley Hansen

Dr. Wayne Turner

George Owens

Al Thumann

Verle Williams

Jon Haviland

Lindsay Audin

Konstantin Lobodovsky

Martin Mozzo

William Fleming

Dr. William Mashburn

Walter Johnston

Victor Ottoviano

John Siepp, Sr.

Edward Stephan

Harry Kociencki

Richard Aspenson

Requirements for Induction Into the Hall of Fame

Candidates must have a minimum of twenty years documented accomplishments in the commercial, institutional, or industrial sectors. Other qualifications include honors and awards, papers and publications, patents and inventions, education and professional licensing, community involvement, and service to AEE.

The Energy Management Professionals Council (EMPC) oversees the election of new members to the AEE Energy Managers Hall of Fame. Nominations are accepted from members of the Energy Managers Hall of Fame, members of the current AEE Global Leadership Team, and Presidents of local AEE Chapters. The EMPC reviews the nominations that have been submitted and confirms that the qualifications of each candidate meet the high standards set by the Hall of Fame. A Ballot is then submitted to the Members of the Energy Managers Hall of Fame for voting.

Those elected into this prestigious group are formally inducted each year into the Energy Managers Hall of Fame at the Keynote Luncheon of the AEE World Energy Conference. All Hall of Fame members are recognized each year at this event.

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