Develop Capability

Entering into a certification program helps expand fundamental knowledge and develop subject matter expertise. As an employer, investing in your employees helps maintain staff, reduce turnover, and build future capabilities.


Create Customer Affinity

AEE Certified professionals are recognized and trusted for their unbiased approach, high level of competence, and commitment to quality standards and industry best practices. Demonstrating this to your customers will increase loyalty.


Maintain a Competitive Edge

Being recognized as a subject matter expert In a competitive marketplace opens doors of opportunity. Many companies require AEE certifications for employment and they are often a project requirement or included as an integral part of an RFP. Ensure you and your organization have the opportunity to compete.


Plan for a New World

Building and facility management must adapt to account for the new ‘norm’ of occupancy and safety. It’s the engineers who manage energy and maintain building systems that will lead this change and implement improvements across the industry.

Why Select AEE?

AEE has been at the forefront of energy management and energy efficiency for over 40 years. Our certification programs are accredited, internationally accepted, and recognized by industry professionals and the communities they serve.