Fotouh Al-Ragom

AEE is my professional family. Since I have joined AEE back in 2000 and up to now, 16 years later, I could not have wished for a better professional family. While I reside in another continent, I have never felt away from AEE's support, guidance and encouragement. Through their personal direction, training and professional development, I was leaping into success in my own country, Kuwait, and the region of neighboring countries. With AEE's headquarters support, I have managed to get certified, trained and win awards from AEE and other prestigious organizations. AEE equipped me with the required skills way ahead of time and I was ready when it was needed. With AEE's support I have managed to establish Kuwait's local AEE chapter. 

Even though AEE provided me with the technical knowledge and expertise in the field of energy efficiency and energy management which empowered me to lead national projects, AEE never forgot to treat me as a friend or a member of the family. Throughout the years I have received personal greeting cards for my birthday and the New Year, and congratulation notes and emails whenever I have achieved something or received a promotion.  To me it was enough just to know that they know me as person, not just a name on a membership list.