What can I expect during my exam session and how does the platform work?

Please read the article from ProctorU about the onboarding process, particularly the section on “Live Human Proctored Launch”.

  • To “skip” a question or review which questions I have already answered: At the bottom right of your screen, Click “Flag”.  The question will be marked for review so you can easily navigate back to this question.  To get back to this question and review questions you have answered, select “Overview” at the bottom right of your screen. A box will open that shows all questions, notating which questions have and have not yet been answered.  If you skipped a question, please click on the number you want to go to and it will take you to the question.
  • To move to the next question: At the bottom center of your screen, you will see two buttons, “Previous” and Next” that will allow you to navigate to the previous and next questions.  DO NOT click on “Complete Assessment” until you are done with your exam.
  • To access any applicable appendix materials during the exam: At the bottom right of your screen, click “Introduction”, and you will be able to navigate to the PDFs by clicking on “Resource” if there are any applicable for your exam.