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U.S. Training Partners


The following are U.S. approved training partners for the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and/or the Certified Energy Auditor (CEA)  certification programs:


AEE provides a wide variety of training programs available at

Delaware Technical community college

Delaware Technical Community College offers associate degrees in Energy Management, Renewable Energy Solar and Building Automation Systems. Graduates of the Energy Management program will be able to describe and measure energy use in building systems with the goal of evaluating and recommending energy solutions that will result in greater efficiency, energy cost savings and lower environmental impact. Graduates earning an AAS degree in Energy Management are eligible to take AEE’s Certified Energy Manager (CEM) exam.

Lane Community College

For over 30 years, the Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute at Lane Community College has successfully provided opportunities to train professional technicians who can immediately contribute to resource savings (energy, water, costs...) in their own communities. 2-year degree programs (Associate of Applied Science) are available in the following areas: Energy Management, Energy Management with Building Controls Option and Water Conservation. Graduates of the AAS Degree in Energy Management are eligible to take AEE’s Certified Energy Manager (CEM) exam.

Salt Lake community college | Energy Institute

The SLCC Energy Institute provides education and training in Energy Management, Solar Photovoltaic Systems, and the Energy Grid. The Energy Management program focuses on energy systems in the built environment and the identification of efficiency measures. Graduates earning the Energy Management AAS Degree are eligible to take AEE’s Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) exam.

Western New England College | School of Engineeering

The Western New England College School of Engineering offers the live, on-site, training course ME 445, which meets for a total of 45 hours over a 15-week period. This seminar fulfills the training requirements for the CEM certification.


International Training Partners

If a training partners is not listed for your country, please contact AEE for training options and availability.