What are the primary differences between live and online AEE Training Programs?

The International versions of courses are not available online.

AEE’s online courses are typically scheduled for 2-3 hours per day for 2-5 days, whereas AEE’s live training courses are typically 6-8 hours per day for 2-5 days, with the certification exam scheduled on-site on the final day (separate fee and registration for exam). Online training attendees who wish to take the certification exam may schedule the exam at a remote testing center.

The online course is shorter, more consolidated, and delivered at a faster pace than the live course, but will cover the same topics in preparation for the certification exam [if applicable].

The benefits of participating in a live on-site environment are significant. Training attendees are able to engage uninterrupted and interact directly with the instructors and other training attendees for an extended period of time, which is invaluable to the educational experience. Training attendees are also able to network with fellow attendees and immerse themselves in the material to help better prepare for the certification exam [if applicable]. While the savings of travel, cost, and convenience of an online training experience are worth noting, it ultimately depends on the individual as to which course would be the best fit.

Additional in-depth instruction would certainly be valuable, as there is always a benefit to being in a fully immersed setting with the ability to speak one on one with the instructor and fellow professionals in a live setting.  

For the complete AEE training schedule, please visit: www.aeecenter.org/training