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AEP’s First Enterprise-Wide Innovation Challenge – Spark Tank

AEP asked employees to submit their best ideas for innovative, high-value products or services for customers.

Top honors went to Kerry Rowland, energy efficiency & consumer programs coordinator, PSO, for her AEP SMART Buildings concept. Kerry is a member of the AEE Oklahoma Chapter.

In Rowland’s words, AEP SMART Buildings “is a five-star concierge service for energy management.” It targets municipal, university, school and hospital customers – known as the MUSH market. Customers want these services from AEP because they trust the company and know we can provide results. “It’s time to move beyond poles and wires and create boundless energy services for customers,” Rowland said.

Spark Tank judge Paul Reeder of The Ohio State University’s Center for Innovation & Technology said, “Coaching is a hard ROI (return on investment). But man, I’ll tell you what. That’s going to be that driver that gets adoption. So thank you for bringing that up.”

“Our Spark Tank challenge clearly demonstrates the caliber of our employees – the depth and breadth of their proposals and how deeply they care about AEP and our customers. The ideas they offered and the work they put into developing them was outstanding. But I have to say I’m not surprised. This is what makes AEP great,” said Nick Akins, AEP chairman, president and chief executive officer.

“I’m excited to see how these proposals can be developed into products and services that customers value. They have the potential to provide new revenue streams to AEP,” he continued. “These products and services will provide opportunities to partner with our customers in new ways.”