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How to Become the Expert in M&V at Your Company


Many commercial and industrial building projects are requiring the use of CMVP® professionals to determine the energy savings of energy conservations measures through the use of M&V.

What the CMVP® Provides You

The CMVP® designation demonstrates your level of experience and competence in understanding industry best practices for measurement and verification including how to evaluate the performance of efficiency projects and how to best apply international measurement and verification protocol standards.

Gain your CMVP® certification and distinguish yourself among those involved professionally in areas requiring the application of accurate and reliable measurement and verification methodologies.

What You Will Learn

Understand the fundamental methods for creating M&V plans and performing M&V as required within your context

  • Understand the fundamentals of M&V, and how to utilize the concepts and approaches locally within your company’s need. 
  • Learn how to apply the core M&V program concepts and framework to a wide variety of facilities, including existing and new buildings and industrial processes.
  • Undertake a review of the primary international standards, guidelines and protocols, such as the IPMVP®, ASHRAE® and ISO with a detailed explanation of how they compare and contrast.
  • Learn the importance of establishing clear communication of core concepts with all project partners to avoid misunderstandings.