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First CEM Training and Exam to Be Held at IISWBM India in July 2017

It gives us great pleasure to announce the first Certified Energy Manager Training and Certification exam by the Association of Energy Engineers (USA) in India is going to be held on July 3-8, 2017 at India’s first management education institute IISWBM (, Kolkata, which also runs MBA Public Systems with Energy Management specialization – the only two year course in India that also makes CEM aspirants eligible to directly take the exam.

The AEE CEM is an Internationally recognized certification and held by more than 16,000 Energy Managers worldwide. It is a highly prestigious certification and shall add great value in your career as an Energy Manager.

The Association of Energy Engineers established the Certified Energy Manager exam in 1981. Since then it has spread to 25 countries across the world and is being offered in India for the first time in July 2017.

The exam is a single-day 4hr Open Book Exam with 130 objective multiple choice questions. You can find more details on the curriculum on this link – SI CEM Course Study Guide

For any questions please visit for further details. To apply, please email [email protected] and [email protected] with a subject containing “CEM International AEE”.