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NC Piedmont AEE Chapter

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, the NC Piedmont Chapter of the AEE hosted an all day conference on the Internet of Things.  We had approximately 95 people attend, with 14 speakers on various topics on the Internet of Things, with a special emphasis on how the IoT will affect the energy environment.  We included such topics as “Using IoT to Drive Business and Reduce Cost” by Paul Boris, Head of Manufacturing Industries with GE Digital, “Power Over Ethernet, What the Heck is it?” by Chris Andrews with Eaton, “The IoT is Making our Buildings Operate More Efficiently” by Jim Moore with Siemens, and “Why We Must Change the Way We Design and Build Buildings” by Hunter Fleshood, as well as others.  Since the IoT is such a new and misunderstood topic, the conference was a huge success per the mission of educating everyone about the IoT and its interconnection with energy.