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CIEP Trainings in Saudi Arabia

The first two internationally presented CIEP programs were held virtually in November and December 2020 in Saudi Arabia, instructed by Mr. Albert Williams with remotely proctored certification exams.

“Industrial sector consumes more than 45% of total primary energy in Saudi Arabia, most of this percentage goes to the industries of steel, petrochemical and cement with 70% of the total consumption in this sector while the rest of the energy is consumed by other industries such as paper, glass, ceramic, etc. For this reason, an initiative was launched to provide the Association of Energy Engineer’s Certified Industrial Energy Professional (CIEP) program, which will significantly contribute to the knowledge of local human resources working in the field of industrial energy efficiency.” – Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC), AEE’s Training Partner in Saudi Arabia

Feedback from participants:

“I am a chemist, but most of my experience as a process engineer in cement industry.. that’s why this course was very good and very valuable for me.”

“Thank you, a very interesting course”

“well structured and good to learn from your experience, thank you “

“It was really nice  education program and would recommend for my colleagues. Thanks and Regards”

“As a utility Engineer it is very valubale for me, specially the materials are very well organized & contains a  lot of valuable data”

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