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AEE Lebanon Chapter In-Development Holds 2nd CEM Training Course

As part of its continuous development, and after a successful first CEM training course held in July 2017, the AEE Lebanon Chapter in development organized the second CEM training course and exam in Beirut between the 8th and 12th of February, 2018. For the first time in Lebanon, the CEM course was conducted by three local trainers, Mr. Osman Adra (CEM®, CMVP®), Mr. Ziad Haddad (CEM®) and Mr. Alain Aoun (CEM®, BEP®, CMVP®, CEA®, REP®, CLEP®). The course was supervised by Dr. Ismael El Hinti (CEM®, BEP®, CMVP®) from Jordan.
The training was attended by 15 professionals with different backgrounds, including 4 women. The test was taken by 16 people and it was proctored by the AEE secretary Mr. Samer Zawaydeh (CRM®, REP®).