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个人必须完成 CEM® 培训计划要求并成功通过 CEM® 考试并持有当前美国颁发的 PE 许可证,才能申请绿色建筑工程师认证。

AEE 的认证绿色建筑工程师 (GBE) 计划对那些在绿色建筑相关学科以及管理和影响绿色建筑专业人士的法律方面表现出高水平能力和道德适应性的绿色建筑、设计和建筑工程专业人士给予特别表彰。


  • 提高从事绿色建筑工程、设计和施工人员的专业水平。
  • 通过鼓励专业人士参加持续的专业发展计划来改善绿色建筑工程的实践。
  • 通过达到规定的绩效和行为标准,确定对绿色建筑工程相关学科和法律的原则和实践具有可接受的知识,以管理和影响专业人员。
  • 对在绿色建筑工程、设计和施工方面表现出高水平能力和道德素质的绿色建筑工程师给予特别表彰。看: EPA 在线目录

Get listed in the ENERGY STAR Directory of Licensed Professionals

To be listed in the directory, you must have performed at least one verification for a building that applied for and received ENERGY STAR certification.

Start marketing your services by adding your name to the directory. Please write www.energystar.gov/BuildingsHelp  with the subject line "Request to be listed in Directory of Licensed Professionals" and include the following information:

  • The name of at least one building that you verified and that subsequently earned the ENERGY STAR. Please include the full building address and a contact person for the building.
  • Your full contact information
  • State(s) or Province(s) in which you are a licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect
  • Whether you hold a Green Building Engineer certification from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)
  • Whether you are willing to consider providing free verification services to organizations that can’t afford the fee. (Find more information on probono verification of ENERGY STAR applications 这里)


如果您对 GBE 认证有任何疑问或想对单个 GBE 提出投诉,请联系 AEE 的项目主管

弗朗辛·塞斯金 | (770) 447-5083,分机。 223 | [email protected]