Salas O'Brien Engineers

Salas O’Brien has been intimately involved in the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) since its founding in 1977, and has been a Corporate Member for many years. The decision to become a Corporate Member of AEE has been transformative for the firm and its employees. Our association with AEE has strengthened our reputation in the energy engineering field due to AEE’s reliably outstanding reputation.

The most significant benefit Salas O’Brien has received from corporate membership and participation in AEE events has been the long lasting, professional relationships that have been formed. These relationships stem from attending and being endorsed at the three major energy conferences held by AEE each year. These events are highly valuable for exchanging ideas with the brightest minds in the business, attending lectures on groundbreaking technologies, and strengthening existing bonds with clients and even competitors. A substantial amount of the work we do now is in some way influenced by the relationships we have fostered through AEE.

Our team has found also incredible value in the certification programs through AEE, especially because of the discount for Corporate Members. Many of our engineers are Certified Energy Managers or Certified Energy Auditors, and the credibility of these certifications carries great weight with both existing and potential clients.

Receiving the AEE publications helps Salas O’Brien employees stay on top of current market trends and technologies. At Salas O’Brien, our motto is “Expect a Difference.”  We want our clients to know that we will get the job done right the first time, while at the same time thinking outside of the box to ensure maximum benefit is achieved. The various resources and learning materials provided by AEE help our team live up to our motto.

Being a corporate member of AEE allows our team members to build lasting relationships and collaborate with professionals in our field, all while aiding us in keeping our brand, our employee’s education, and our designs at the forefront of the industry.