Training Q&A

The International versions of courses are not available online.

AEE’s online courses are typically scheduled for 2-3 hours per day for 2-5 days, whereas AEE’s live training courses are typically 6-8 hours per day for 2-5 days, with the certification exam scheduled on-site on the final day (separate fee and registration for exam). Online training attendees who wish to take the certification exam may schedule the exam at a remote testing center.

The online course is shorter, more consolidated, and delivered at a faster pace than the live course, but will cover the same topics in preparation for the certification exam [if applicable].

The benefits of participating in a live on-site environment are significant. Training attendees are able to engage uninterrupted and interact directly with the instructors and other training attendees for an extended period of time, which is invaluable to the educational experience. Training attendees are also able to network with fellow attendees and immerse themselves in the material to help better prepare for the certification exam [if applicable]. While the savings of travel, cost, and convenience of an online training experience are worth noting, it ultimately depends on the individual as to which course would be the best fit.

Additional in-depth instruction would certainly be valuable, as there is always a benefit to being in a fully immersed setting with the ability to speak one on one with the instructor and fellow professionals in a live setting.  

For the complete AEE training schedule, please visit: www.aeecenter.org/training

In the U.S., all training and certification fees are separate. Registering for a public training does NOT register you to take the certification exam at the end of the training. To take the exam, you must register for the exam and pay a separate fee. Attendees are encouraged to complete a certification application 3-4 weeks prior to taking the exam. Additional information for each certification is available on the AEE website at www.aeecenter.org/certifications.

Please contact your local training provider for course and exam fees outside the U.S.

Yes, to gain AEE certification, an approved preparatory training course is required before taking the certification exam. For a list of approved training providers, visit: www.aeecenter.org/certifications/resources/approved-training-providers

The workbooks for online and live trainings have the same content. The primary difference is that the online training workbook may be slightly reordered to mirror the online delivery sequence.

The international versions of courses are not available online.

For live training courses, all registration and course materials will be provided to attendees at the seminar location. Workbooks will not be shipped to attendees prior to the training.

For online training, electronic copies of all course materials will be provided to participants prior to the training. Printed copies will not be provided, however trainees are permitted to print a copy for personal use once the materials are made available.

Currrently, training workbooks are not available for purchase.  To subscribe for the most up to date announcements regarding AEE Training Programs, subscribe to "Education" on this form: www.aeecenter.org/email-subscription-form

In the U.S., all AEE members and government employees [non-contractor] are eligible for AEE Member pricing options. Discounts do not apply to certification exam fees. For additional information regarding the many benefits of AEE Membership, please visit: www.aeecenter.org/memberbenefits

Outside the U.S., any discounts that may be available for training through our international providers would be given by the provider directly.

Additional details regarding AEE public training locations and any courtesy hotel discounts are located on the course registration page under "Location, Travel & Accommodations". For a complete list of all AEE Training Programs, visit https://education.aeecenter.org/collections/all-training

International training participants can contact their local training provider for locations.

No. Training attendees are responsible for all travel arrangements and hotel reservations.

AEE frequently partners with hotels for live public trainings, to offer courtesy discounted room rates to AEE Training Participants. Please note the hotel block expiration date on your registration confirmation email. Partner hotels and AEE will not extend these discounts after the courtesy room block rate expires.

International participants should contact the local training providers to see if they offer assistance for travel accommodations.


Online Training Q&A

Online training is live with an instructor and consistent participation is required to qualify for the allotted training credits. The course will be recorded and available to review for up to 6 months following the training.

The international versions of courses are not available online.

A link to connect to each day of the webinar training will be provided approximately one week prior to the training. Only one attendee per registration is permitted for this training. CEUs will be assigned to the named attendee.

The international versions of courses are not available online.

All Online Training Programs are recorded. While it is highly recommended to participate and attend the live webinar, you are certainly welcome to view at your convenience. The only major difference will be the inability to chat with the instructor and ask questions in real time. To many of our online participants, this is a rather large difference, given that it’s already a condensed course. Training attendees will be able to review and access the webinar and related course materials for up to 6 months after the training has completed.

The international versions of courses are not available online.

Early registration is recommended as seats for AEE Training Programs are limited. Registration will close when an event reaches capacity. 

The AEE Training Department reviews each training attendee's course completion the week following training, and distributes certificates to any training attendees who have met the completion requirements. Training attendees who have not completed their training will receive an email with details on how to receive a completion certificate once the training has been completed.

The international versions of courses are not available online.

Attendees can participate in an AEE Online Training Course from anywhere as long as you have access to a high-speed internet connection (with connected headset or speakers) or access via smartphone/tablet.

To ensure you are prepared in advance for your online training, please make note of the following system, browser, & audio requirements* and make any updates to your system prior to your training:

  • Windows 7+ (Microsoft Edge, Latest Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome)
  • Apple Mac OS 10.10+ (*Latest Firefox, Safari, or Chrome)
  • Android 6.x (Chrome Browser Only)
  • Apple iOs (*Latest version, Safari Browser Only)

*If you are using an unsupported version of a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system, you may experience difficulty in viewing and/or listening to the event. It is recommended that your internet browser be updated to the latest version prior to training to ensure compatibility. All audio is provided through the webcast; there is no separate phone dial-in access. For best results, a computer headset or external speakers/microphone is recommended. The webcast can also be accessed via smartphone/tablet.

The international versions of courses are not available online.


Course Availability Q&A

You may have noticed AEE Training has recently undergone some exciting changes. We are working with our instructors to create and redevelop some of our training programs to make them the best they can be moving forward, including our Live, Online and On-Demand Training Programs. We aim to have the majority of our online training program re-launched by Fall 2019, however some online options will likely not be available until 2020. Please subscribe to "Education" on this form for updates and to be notified of any announcements regarding course availability: www.aeecenter.org/email-subscription-form

International candidates should contact their local training provider for courses within their country/region.


To subscribe for the most up to date announcements regarding all AEE Training Programs and availability, please subscribe to Education on this form: www.aeecenter.org/email-subscription-form

In the U.S., AEE offers private in-house training options. To inquire about a private in-house or chapter training within the U.S., please contact training@aeecenter.org.

International participants should contact their local training provider for further information.

AEE does not currently have on-demand training options. On-demand training is currently in development for U.S. courses.  Please subscribe to "Education" on the following form for updates to be notified of any announcements regarding on-demand course availability: www.aeecenter.org/email-subscription-form.

The international versions of courses are not available on-demand.