Renewable Energy Systems: Concepts & Applications Training Program

Type: Non-certification Program

This online, real-time seminar provides an overview of alternative energy sources, applications, technologies, and strategies that provide a means of meeting sustainability goals. This introductory course in renewable energy includes a compiled set of presentations dealing with the various forms of low-carbon energy sources and the environmental impacts of renewable energy. This seminar includes study modules concerning wind power systems, solar thermal heating and photovoltaic generation, geothermal heating, and electrical production, biofuels, waste-to-energy systems, energy storage, fuel cells, hydroelectric power and microgrid applications. This seminar will provide you fundamentals concerning:
* Detailed assessments of the various forms of renewable energy
* Examples of renewable energy applications and projects
* An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of renewable energy applications
* Using renewable energy solutions in building applications
* An eye-opening look at new opportunities for using renewable energy
* Renewable energy as a carbon emissions reduction solution
* Lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid
Successful use of renewable energy involves a basic understanding of the type of technologies available as well as a balanced understanding of application realities. All of these elements have been condensed into an intensive on-line program includes four consecutive 2 ½ hour, on-line, real-time sessions. The material is presented in 12 modular sessions that detail the topics considered and case studies are considered.

Available Formats: Online