Premier Certified Energy Manager Training Program

Type: Certification Program

Do you want to develop, implement, and lead your organizations’ energy efficiency and sustainability strategies? Certified Energy Managers (CEM®) are involved with energy analysis, system integration, building automation, and much more to find the optimum solutions to reduce energy consumption and ensure a more sustainable energy future.

This program prepares applicants to undertake the CEM Certification Exam. It also focuses on optimizing energy use and costs within non-residential buildings. It explains how energy is purchased and then used in various energy systems throughout a building, such as HVAC, Lighting, Motors, and Boilers. This holistic approach helps energy professionals see the big picture and then learn how to optimize systems to reduce costs, improve profits, and increase occupant satisfaction. Most course participants leave with actionable ideas they can immediately apply in their facilities to improve profitability.

Available Formats: In-person, Virtual