Energy Conservation in Industrial and Commercial Environments Training Program

Type: Non-certification Program

Do you feel that the financial justification of energy conservation projects is an “uphill battle” in your organization? In this program, you will learn proven approaches – both technical and financial – for successful energy project funding and implementation.
The program provides a three faceted outlook of the best practices and strategies for focusing on (1) energy productivity improvement, (2) energy cost minimization, and (3) energy supply in an industrial or commercial setting. The instructor – with over 30 years of industry experience, focuses on the more common forms of energy, such as electrical, compressed air, natural gas, steam, and heat. He covers the various ways of reducing energy costs through well planned, specific, and results-oriented projects. He shows how to achieve substantial energy cost reduction with little or no capital investment and how to pursue projects in collaboration with local utility companies.
This is a non-certification course.

Available Formats: Online