Your Next Career Leap Starts with AEE

Join a dynamic community where innovation meets expertise in the field of energy engineering. As a member of AEE, you are not just joining an association; you are becoming part of a global network dedicated to shaping a sustainable future. Our membership offers a unique blend of opportunities, including exclusive access to industry-leading conferences, expos, and an extensive professional network. With a range of membership options tailored to meet your professional needs, AEE is committed to empowering your career and amplifying your impact in the energy sector.

Membership Types

Individual U.S. & Canada Membership Categories and Rates

Individuals require an engineering, architectural, business, or be a registered Professional Engineer or Architect to become an AEE Member.  Individuals without these qualifications can join as an affiliate member.

*Qualifying applicants and renewing members will be automatically notified and given the option to participate in the program when joining and renewing online.

Membership Type Price
Individual Member: An individual with an engineering, architectural, business, or law degree or a registered Professional Engineer or Architect. $195/year
Affiliate Member: A person interested in the objectives of AEE who does not meet the criteria to be a full member. $195/year
Individual Corporate Delegate: If your company is an AEE Corporate Member, you receive a special membership discount. $160/year
Senior Member: A graduate of an engineering college or university or a registered Professional Engineer or Architect with six (6) or more years' experience in energy engineering or energy management. $195/year
Young Energy Member: An individual 30 years of age or under with an engineering, architectural, business or law degree, or a registered Professional Engineer or Architect. $50/year
Student Member: An individual who is a full-time matriculated student (must send evidence of full-time student status). Twelve credit hours for undergrad and nine credit hours for graduate students. $15/year
Retired Member: An individual retired full-time who is no longer involved in any career activity. $15/year
Lifetime Member: Open to all individuals, and includes lifetime subscriptions to all divisions. $1,995

Individual International Membership Categories and Rates

AEE provides a reduction in membership dues for applicants and renewing members based on The World Bank Economic statistics.

Membership Type Price
Tier I: (GNI at or above $12,801) $195/year
Tier II: (GNI between $9,001 - $12,800) $140/year
Tier III: (GNI between $5,801 - $9,000) $90/year
Tier IV: (GNI at or below $5,800) $40/year

Corporate Membership Categories and Rates

AEE offers three tiers of Corporate Membership: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The tier of membership is determined by the size of the company. New or current Corporate Members can choose to become a Lifetime Corporate Member at any time. Lifetime Corporate Membership includes all the benefits for regular Corporate Membership and subscriptions to all AEE divisions.


Membership Add-Ons

Maximize the benefit of membership by adding subscribing to a Division.  AEE Divisions help keep members, who work, or operate, or are just interested in a specific field, up-to-date on the latest news and developments. Division members receive complementary subscriptions to AEE Journals or email Newsletters related to that Division’s field of study.