AEE divisions offer another opportunity to meet the growing needs of professionals in the specialized areas of business, industry, and government. In addition to joining AEE, try adding a division to your membership status. You will receive not only the benefits, but also additional publications.

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The division addresses state-of-the-art technological advances in solar, wind, biomass, and other green/renewable/alternative energy sources. Members will receive a subscription to the Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal, in addition to the roster of publications that all AEE members receive. Members will also receive a complimentary subscription to enerG Magazine, an exciting bi-monthly magazine that delivers the big picture and bright future of alternative energy in North America. Click here to receive your complimentary subscription. To recognize outstanding accomplishments in the renewable energy industry, this division of AEE sponsors the Innovative Energy Project of the Year and the Energy Innovator of the Year awards.

CI is comprised of professionals representing all segments of the cogeneration and distributed generation industry. Interest areas include independent power production, exempt wholesale generation, new technologies and applications, and regulatory, market and other power industry developments. Division members receive all AEE publications plus the Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal and Cogeneration and On-site Power Production magazine. To test drive the online version of the Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal, or to subscribe, go to Journals Online.

The Council on Women in Energy & Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) provides a network for women in the energy and environmental industries that can assist in supporting career development for professional women, mentor young and aspiring women to pursue technical education and careers in the energy and environmental fields, and establish CWEEL as a forum for women to promote policy in the energy industry. CWEEL Brochure


EEMI publishes the newsletter Environmental News. The division also sponsors AEE events and seminars with environmental content.



ESMS provides a forum for industry news and exchange of information among professionals involved in all areas of energy services, power and natural gas marketing, performance contracting, and energy project financing. ESMS members receive a subscription to the ESMS electronic newsletter, in addition to the roster of publications that all AEE members receive.

The role of today’s facility manager spans a cross-section of job responsibilities including energy procurement, security, building performance, maintenance scheduling, equipment upgrades, multi-site portfolio management, budget planning, energy efficiency, communications technology, environmental compliance, and productivity. The FMI division of AEE aims to provide its members with industry information, conference and seminar programs, reference books, and relevant market information to enhance both their knowledge base and job effectiveness. Members of FMI you receive a complimentary subscription to the Facility Management News. FMI members also receive the full benefits of AEE membership, including the publications AEE Insight, Energy Engineering Journal, and Strategic Planning for Energy & the Environment.

Members of Energy Managers Society (EMS) receive a complimentary subscription to the Energy Managers Digest. EMS members also receive the full benefits of AEE membership, including the publications AEE Insight, Energy Engineering Journal, and Strategic Planning for Energy & the EnvironmentClick here for more on the EMS.

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