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Free Monthly Webinars
We are pleased to announce free monthly webinars from industry experts for AEE members as a new member benefit.

Member Webinar Series

Wednesday, September 2, 2020
2:00-3:00pm (EDT)

Empowering Energy Engineers with Advanced Industrial Analytics Industrial Energy Savings Often Unobserved by Energy Auditors

Carson Drake, Co-Founder & Vice President at GrayMatter, Erik Udstuen, Co-Founder & CEO at TwinThread and Gary Peterson, Senior Consultant at GrayMatter


Tuesday, September 15, 2020
2:00-3:00pm (EDT)

Sustainably Lowering your Cost While Improving Reliability: Could You Benefit from a Microgrid?


Matt Haakenstad, PE, CEM, VP, Electric Services at Kinect Energy, Inc.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
2:00-3:00pm (EDT)

Harnessing the Power of People: Achieving Your Energy Targets through Employee Suggestions


Andrew Cooper, P. Eng, B. Comm, CEM, CMVP, Energy Specialist at New Gold, Inc.



Conference Proceedings & Recorded Presentations
The proceedings from our three annual conferences, AEE East Energy Conference, AEE West Energy Conference, and AEE World Energy Conference, are available on your member portal page for viewing. The Proceedings are available in a downloadable, interactive PDF.  Please note that you must be logged in to view the Proceedings. In addition to the conference proceedings, we also have over 60 recorded sessions available from WEEC 2016 and 2017 on AEE's YouTube Channel. These videos are available for members only, and must be accessed from your member portal page once you are logged in.
Publications / Journals
AEE members receive complimentary subscriptions to leading edge professional publications including International Journal of Energy Management and International Journal of Strategic Energy and Environmental Planning. By electing to add the Cogeneration and Distributed Generation Institute (CI) or Alternative & Renewable Development Institute (AREDI) to your AEE membership, you will also receive the quarterly Alternative Energy and Distributed Generation Journal.








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The AEE Energy Insight, emailed three times a year, provides members with updates from chapters around the world, contains important news, success stories, and member opportunities.


AEE divisions offer another opportunity to meet the growing needs of professionals in the specialized areas of business, industry, and government. In addition to joining AEE, try adding a division to your membership status. You will receive not only the benefits, but also additional publications. AREDI and CI Divisions receive a complimentary subscription to the Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Online Journal and do not receive separate newsletters.

Conference & Training Program Discounts

AEE sponsors numerous continuing education seminar and conference programs across the country. Members typically receive a $100 discount off of the non-member registration rate for these programs. These discounts add up and can more than offset your membership dues.

Member Recognition Programs

 Awards Program
AEE gives special recognition both to individuals and companies who have demonstrated notable contributions to the profession and exceptional service to the Association. This recognition is awarded on the local, regional, and international levels. Candidates for awards are not required to be AEE members, but must be nominated by an AEE member in good standing, an AEE chapter, or by an AEE Officer.

 Hall of Fame

The Energy Managers Hall of Fame recognizes individuals for their lifetime achievements in promoting both the practices and principles of energy management. The Energy Managers Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed by AEE and is sponsored by the AEE Energy Managers Society.


Legend in Energy
Legends in Energy are honored annually at the World Energy Conference. Only  those who meet the eligibility requirements are able to become Legnds in Energy. Eligibility for legends includes: AEE Energy Managers Hall of Fame Member, AEE Certified Professional, AEE Past or Present Officer, AEE Life member, AEE Member for 10+ years, or an AEE International Award Winner.


 Fellow Member
AEE members who have made a significant contribution to the energy management and alternative energy industry may be eligible to upgrade to the fellow grade of membership. AEE members must be in a good standing for the last 10 consecutive years. They must also be a recipient of the AEE Energy Managers Hall of Fame, a Legend in Energy, or an AEE Award Winner.

Member Discounts & Affinity Programs

Participate in Industry Surveys

Each year, AEE polls its members on vital issues impacting the energy, facility management, utility, environment, and power industry. As an AEE member, you will be able to submit your opinion on industry matters. Results of the survey, such as Energy Management Jobs & Market Trends are published in issues of the member publication AEE Energy Insight. The complete survey is distributed to members. These surveys reflect how the industry is changing and keeps members abreast of important trends.




UPS Discount

AEE and UPS took the guesswork out, and put the easy in. Members now have access to new and improved flat rate pricing with savings of 50% on Domestic Next Day/Deferred, 30% on Ground Commercial / Residential and up to 50% on additional services. In addition, members can take advantage of UPS Smart Pickup® service for free. Open a new account, or if you are already taking advantage of our UPS savings program, re-enroll and apply the new discounts to your existing account. Visit or call 1-800-MEMBERS (1-800-636-2377), M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., EST.


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