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General Mills

General Mills Energy Engineers. In the last 4 years, General Mills’ energy program has grown from 2 energy engineers to as many as 15. During this time, it has saved $20 million in energy annually while working with 20 plants across the globe. The Association of Energy Engineers has been an important partner in our success. The AEE certification trainings are an important part of our energy engineers’ career development. The WEEC event serves as an opportunity to learn about the newest technologies and approaches in energy reduction.

Through AEE events, General Mills has had many opportunities to benchmark with other successful companies in energy reduction. The AEE has recognized General Mills for its energy performance, and this external recognition is featured in our Global Responsibility Reports and encourages continued internal support for the energy program. The AEE gives our energy engineers the great opportunity to publicly present their work or write about it in journals. The knowledge and contacts that we have gained from our partnership with the AEE have allowed us to deliver significantly more energy savings than we otherwise would have. Most importantly, it has encouraged young engineers to join our team and make energy engineering a rewarding career path.