2021 – Energy Project of the Year: International – International

Recipient: LTM Energy Project

Region: International

South Africa has an abundance of sunshine and farmers with large amounts of land, that may sometimes have limited or unpredictable access to grid power. LTM Energy developed a unique product that offers farmers an affordable solar system with no minimum offtake or performance risks. LTM Energy suggested to farmers to keep the cost of the system low whilst addressing quality and the power needs of the client: Construction of a large enough solar system that could produce sufficient power for at least 1 pump set to run 8-9 hours a day. So, the potential for a roll out on a 10% capture rate is50953135 KWh pa from the grid. The systems have provided a reduction in dependence on municipal water supply systems (reducing South African carbon footprint), and improving community health by providing water for sanitation, drinking, cooking, cleaning, and more.