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Youth Energy Interns Excel at AEE Certification Ceremony in South Africa

The top eight of the Limpopo Economic Development Environment and Tourism (LEDET) department energy internship were honored at the Sub-Saharan African Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Certification Ceremony earlier this month under the auspices of the Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC) Conference 2018 at Emperors Hotel, Gauteng. These achievements are a result of the program run by the Energy Training Foundation (EnTF), the energy division of Faculty Training Institute (FTI), together with LEDET as the program sponsor, and equips students to become qualified energy professionals towards international and local qualification status.

The top performing student is aptly named Doctor Senamela who was mentored by a Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) and a Certified Energy Auditor (CEA®) and was based at Supreme Spring in Nigel. He achieved a distinction in his CEM examination, was awarded the Top CEM Youth Program Student by the SAEEC, the Energy Manager In-Training (EMIT) International Status by the AEE, and recognized for successfully completing the unit standard on conducting an energy audit. Kemmone Mochai had the second highest CEM examination mark, was awarded the EMIT International Status by AEE, as well as was recognised for completing the unit standard on conducting an energy audit. Kemmone was mentored by AEE Professionals holding CEM, CEA and CMVP certfications and worked at Bidvest Facilities Management. Kabelo Malete also achieved his EMIT International Status and was mentored by a CEA at Denel Aviation.

The workplace experience was a valuable aspect of this program and was integrated with the local and international training modules, coupled with assignments in line with South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) requirements, culminating in taking the international CEM examination. Other students that have not yet passed their CEM examination for which a 70% mark is required, but achieved the top marks in the group of 20 youths and close to and over 60% was Patience Sathekge, Ditiro Masebedi, Sinky Nkuna, Johnny Kwebu and Vinolia Shivambu. All eight students received certificates of recognition for these achievements.

LEDET embarked on a journey to uplift previously disadvantaged students from the Province of Limpopo with the objective to incorporate the skills acquired to implement the province’s Green Strategy.

The Energy Training Foundation (EnTF) was contracted to provide the necessary training and mentorship services to the students necessary for them to become skilled, employable and qualified in the areas of energy required for the Green Strategy. The ultimate aim of the students are to achieve international status as Certified Energy Manager (CEM®).

Pictured: The LEDET energy interns with their mentors, trainers, sponsors and Energy Training Foundation FTI staff at the AEE Sub-Saharan African Certification Ceremony in November 2018.