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Watt’s Amp Event held by AEE Kuwait Chapter

The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) – Kuwait Chapter under the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) organized Watt’s Amp event on July 9, 2019 from 7:30 – 9:00 pm.

The event was held at the Kuwait national library. Dr. Samira Al- Sayed Omar the Director General (DG) of KISR opened the event that was attended by 45 people. The first of its kind in Kuwait, the event was about promoting energy efficiency awareness and conservation in a dactylic and melodious way. KISR and AEE-Kuwait Chapter invited scholars and poets from all over Kuwait to come forth and present their poems themed on energy efficiency. Individuals from, various backgrounds participated in the event. Eight poetry were recited and shared with the attendees during that night. The KISR DG read a  few lines of her father’s (the first head of the board of directors for Kuwait Oil Company) poetry in her opening speech.

Dr. Fotouh Al-Ragom gave a presentation on AEE and shared the Kuwait chapter activities. Then Mr. Clint Christenson, trainer and former president of AEE, gave a short speech on the association and stressed on the importance of the relation between AEE members all over the world and the value of gatherings and meetings. The floor then was ready for the poets to present their poetry starting with Qamar Almomen who gave an English poem about the environment encouraging people to take action. Then Mohamad Alkandari, an Arabic teacher gave an Arabic poem about the evolution of transportation technology from using horses to the first attempt of aviation by Abbas bin Firnas, to the modern cars, ships, and planes. The third presenter Sayed Abbas Al-Mohri, an architect who wrote his poem based on his Master’s thesis, which is about changing urban and design variables in Kuwaiti houses that could reduce energy consumption. Next, was Eng. Dina Alnakib from Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) who wrote a poem about lighting energy efficiency, as she is an electrical engineer and the one and only Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional (CLEP) in Kuwait. Eng. Iqbal Altayyar from MEW was next; she started by expressing warm words on the important role of KISR on her career and recited a poem reflecting her feelings about KISR and her dream of saving energy in Kuwait. The next presenter was Abdullah “AJ” Alrujaib who is an environmental engineer; he mixed Arabic and English in his poem, and mixed the past and present Kuwaiti culture to motivate the public in keeping Kuwait green. Dr. Fotouh Al-Ragom then presented a poem that she wrote in 2010 when she was completing her Ph.D. studies. Her poem was full of feelings and showing her choices and career path from age of 17 when she choose mechanical engineering, to her passion on saving energy, energy auditing, and pursuing her Ph.D. on water splitting and hydrogen production. Last but not least, Shaik Iqbal, who is a middle school student and one of the attendees who was motivated and asked to share his poem. His poem was on the importance of sustainability to save our planet Earth. At the end, an online quiz was given to the attendees to get them engaged. The quiz was carried out using Kahoot application. The quiz included questions on the recited poetry topics and ideas.