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Turkey Promoting Energy Efficiency with CEM Course


Turkey’s Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings Project gains momentum with Certified Energy Manager Training Program of AEE

The very first CEM course and exam in Turkey has recently been conducted within the scope of the “Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings Project”, which is currently being implemented by the Directorate General of Renewable Energy of Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources of Turkey and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The training was delivered by Dr. Scott C. Dunning and Dr. Ahmed M. Al-Ghandoor during February 28 – March 03, 2017. Fifteen participants were the experts of the Directorate General of Renewable Energy, while five trainees were engineers from accredited energy audit companies. Ms. Asli Karabacak, the manager of the PEEB project, thanked Dr. Dunning and Dr. Al-Ghandoor for their great efforts and mentioned that the program was conducted very successfully.

Turkey Chapter of AEE was formed in June 2016, within the scope of the international network development strategy of another energy-efficiency and renewable energy related project that is named the “Utilization of Renewable Resources and Increasing Energy Efficiency in Southeast Anatolia Region (REEE)”. The project is conducted by the Southeast Anatolia (GAP) Regional Development Administration of Turkish Ministry of Development, in co-operation with the United Nations Development Programme. Mr. Sadrettin Karahocagil, the president of the GAP Regional Development Administration, noted “It is crucial to support the institutions, universities, research centers, and private sector, to reach out international networks to ensure the development of the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries in our region and Turkey. The Association of Energy Engineers is a large international body with representations in many countries and we are very happy to connect our projects to this international network”.

Dr. Muhyettin Sirer, the manager of the REEE project and the president of Turkey Chapter of AEE, thanked GAP RDA once again for its immense support and stated that a livable and sustainable environment could only be reached through the utilization of clean and renewable energy resources and the efficient use of energy. The chapter will continue its efforts to become a larger center of attraction for energy professionals in Turkey.