FULL OF ENERGY | The Official AEE Podcast

The Future of Clean Energy

We talk to two young energy professionals graduating and entering the workforce about their perspectives on how they plan to help change the future of clean energy.

Hussam Manaseer is the President of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)  student chapter at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST). As a mechanical engineering student, he has been a member of the AEE community for two years and have actively participated in organizing and conducting several workshops and site visits in the field of energy and sustainable development. 

MSU Denver Washington D.C. interns

Evan Pierpont is a graduating Sustainable Systems Engineering B.S. student from Metropolitan State University of Denver. He is interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree and career at the nexus of science, engineering, technology, and policy. Evan is using his skills and experience to combat the global climate crisis by addressing growing energy demands. He is a committed public servant who looks forward to collaborating with others to craft the solutions necessary to elevate the United States as a global leader in energy technology. His research interests include battery technology, microgrids, building energy performance, renewable energy, energy efficiency, systems automation, and energy policy to transform buildings into profitable assets for local communities and increasing grid resiliency.