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Special Webinar Series: Straight Talk on COVID-19’s Impact on the Energy Industry | Webinar 1

Straight Talk on COVID-19’s Impact on the Energy Industry

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 | 2:00-3:30pm (EDT) 

AEE is here to help you navigate these unprecedented times. We surveyed the AEE community. This webinar included some of their responses and insights from a panel of energy experts. The panel also gave participants a chance to share ideas and ask questions during a live Q&A.  

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View Presentation Slides | Survey Results and Live Q & A Summary

The surveys included questions about challenges and opportunities in the coming months. We also asked some more technical thought-provoking “Hot Topic” questions. Some of these topics may provide business opportunities and solutions in the future. The goal is to facilitate some feedback and how our collective talents can serve the world and our new energy future. 

General Topics include:

  • Energy themes that support disinfection
  • Low cost / no-cost energy cost reduction
  • Infrastructure changes – IT, smart meters, etc.
  • Energy price forecasting
  • Effect on the climate change agenda
  • Reduced oil prices and impact on other types of fuel
  • What AEE can do to help you