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March 2017 Jordan Chapter Meeting

The Jordan Energy Chapter, local chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers in Jordan, held its 5th members meeting with two presentations delivered by two distinguished speakers.

The first seminar “Rock Energy Storage Energy in a Box” was presented by Ms. Cynthia Jonstromer, Chairman, Brain Heart Energy Company. She discussed the ideas and technology about storing energy in the rocks to be able to use energy when you need it. The Energy Box will give Heating, Cooling, Hot Water with a 50 years life cycle. 100% financing by Sweden is available worldwide. Rock Energy uses Earth as Storage and the latest Heat Pump Technology.

The second seminar was about “PV Plants Certification” and it was presented by Eng. Nour Hammad, CMVP®, REP™, Senior Lead Inspector,, RES Inspection Department. His discussion was about what is the PV plant certification? Why is PV plant certification important for you? The benefits of the certification; IEC 62446-2016: Photovoltaic (PV) systems – Requirements for testing, documentation and maintenance – Part 1: Grid connected systems – Documentation, commissioning tests and inspection.