FULL OF ENERGY | The Official AEE Podcast

Energy Audits: Working with Industrial Customers

On this episode, John Puskar and Albert Williams explore what it’s like to work with industrial customers – client relations and implementation.

John Puskar is the President of Prescient Technical Services in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Puskar has been a licensed Mechanical Engineer for more than 35 years. Mr. Puskar has conducted more than 200 energy audits throughout his career with a focus on industrial facilities including chemical plants, refineries, auto plants, and steel plants. Mr. Puskar is a former corporate energy systems engineer and also has also directed many implementation projects as a licensed contractor. Mr. Puskar’s perspective is unique, very practical, and has a focus on operations and “real world” solutions.

Albert Williams is an freelance independent energy engineer who has instructed over 180 training courses on Energy Management, Energy Auditing, Pump-, and Compressed Air -Systems. He has 18 years’ experience, has conducted over 220 energy audits (incl. 90 compressed air audits), and has travelled and worked in over 40 countries.He has contributing in developing the CEM®, CEA™, CIEP™ (lead developer), and 20 other energy training courses. He is a training instructor for the AEE®, UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), IEPA in Sub-Saharan Africa, Econoler in Canada, a few organizations in the Middle-East, the Balkans, Denmark, South Asia, and most recently, the World Bank.
Albert is the author of the “Industrial Energy Systems Handbook”, he has won various international energy engineering awards, he holds 4 UNIDO qualifications, 9 AEE® certifications, he serves on the Global Guidance Committee of the AEE®, and he is an AEE® lifetime member.