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Become a Renewable Energy Professional (REP) – A Globalized Certification

A global certification program is transferable and recognizable around the world. We recently updated the Renewable Energy Professional (REP) certification to meet the current needs of the industry. Obtaining a globalized certification is important for its worldwide recognition, providing career advantages, enhancing competitiveness, and ensuring compliance with international standards, while also fostering personal growth and expanding networking opportunities. These certifications demonstrate a commitment to professional development and competence, offering a path to success in an increasingly globalized job market.

The Renewable Energy Professional (REP™) certification is designed to recognize the expertise and experience of professionals involved in the specification and application of renewable and alternative energy technologies, assessment of renewable energy projects, and development of achievable low-carbon and sustainability goals for organizations.

A Renewable Energy Professional (REP™) is an energy professional that has chosen to focus on renewable energy generation, production, and storage, plus the strategies and programs that support sustainable energy technologies. These professionals use their specialized knowledge to assist corporations or organizations in setting goals for sustainability through renewable energy projects. They select the most appropriate and viable renewable energy technologies and assist in maximizing the benefits when deploying these systems at small or large scales. 

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