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AEE Welcomes New Corporate Member, PulseIQ!

PulseIQ’s mission is to serve master-meter multifamily properties with reliable, impactful and innovative energy efficiency solutions. Our U-Sentry™ Energy Management Solution controls and optimizes energy consumption and provides unrivaled data-driven insights and analysis across your entire HVAC system.

PulseIQ is the only energy management solution specifically designed for master-meter multifamily and small commercial properties. The simplest way to describe what we do is that we connect, collect and save.

  • We connect to every component of a building’s HVAC system in both the mechanical room and in the apartment units or offices.
  • We collect an average of 100 million points per year of real-time operational data and securely send it to the cloud.
  • We save money with system optimization and actionable energy intelligence that help stop waste and improve performance.

Visit their website here